Lanterner - If Songs Had Title

Edition of 200 LPs

Lanterner's second full-length, If Songs Had Title, will be co-released on vinyl and download by The Dim Coast and ORAL Records April 21.

Download and physical copies available for order via Bandcamp:

If Songs Had Title features 12 songs with guest appearances by Burkhard Stangl, Toshimaru Nakamura and Sophie Trudeau.

Edition of 200.

Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt: drums, electronics, piano, field recordings
Steve Bates: guitar, electronics

Recorded in Montréal, 2013
Mastered by James Plotkin

Outré / Two Suitcases Watch You Like Dogs / Police bourgeoise aux dents / Je t'aime à bout portant / Pick up at : NE W (21 Feb 01 10:10 am) / PICC LINE à mon coeur / If songs had title / The facts of filth and violence / Eux / A story of Roman mothers during the fall of the empire 410 AD / Would you still love me if I told you I took a lot of drugs as a young person

The Dim Coast #5 / ORAL_records LP62