Early Works

Release date: September 1, 2015
Edition of 20 cassettes

- Sold Out -

Cobalt cassette with download. Each cassette comes with 3 photographic digital prints by EAV.

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic:
acoustic and electric guitar, effects, bowed objects

Steve Bates:
acoustic and electric guitars, effects

Available as download via bandcamp.

Nine (20:48)
Eight (7:04)
Three (4:58)
Six (5:38)
Five (2:58)

Download version contains two extra tracks:

Ten (10:14)
Fourteen (6:16)

Live improvisations, no overdubs.
Recorded in Montréal, 2015.

After discovering a mutual affection for a specific effects pedal and of the other’s guitar wrestling, Vajagic and Bates decided to host a studio session. Pleased with the results, another step is taken to make the sonics public. A shared appreciation for texture and atmosphere is the game plan.


Vital Weekly, (Frans de Waard)

A duo from Montreal, and they are both in love with their guitar and pedals. We have here Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, who is into folk and blues but than all the more dissonant and who has worked with Sam Shalabi and Steve Bates who worked with Seijiro Murayama, Burkhard Stangl, Billy Roisz as well as solo and as Lanterner, with Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt. The seven pieces on this highly limited cassette (20 copies) and unlimited download where recorded in two evenings, when the night was young (hence 'early works'?); these are also 'early works' in the sense that these are the duo's first recordings. It opens with the longest piece, 'Nine', and I doubt whether that was a good choice: it's long, twenty minutes, and quite distorted. It put me off a bit, as I was thinking: yeah, all right, so you have guitars and pedals and there is this distorted sound which you could also generate without a guitar and just pedals. But I decided to carry on and that was a great decision. Most of the pieces that come after 'Nine' are great! 'Eight' might not be it, but at least the noise is shorter, but more thought out, darker, slower, introspective yet very dark pieces as 'Three' and 'Six' sound wonderful. 'Five' and 'Ten' is the first blues-like piece, the latter in the best Loren Connors tradition, with 'Fourteen' a being a most welcome slightly noise based afterthought, but coming towards the listener from another room. Great tape of desolate modern blues music.