A Sound That Never Was

A Sound That Never Was

Launches February 16, 2023, 2022


Félicia Atkinson (France) / Matthew Cardinal (Canada) / Raven Chacon (USA) / crys cole (Canada) / Isabella Forciniti (Austria/Italy) / David Grubbs (USA) / Timothy Herzog (Canada/USA) Sasha J. Langford (Canada) / Mani Mazinani (Canada/Iran) / Christof Migone (Canada) / Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (Canada) / Anju Singh (Canada) / Aho Ssan (France) / Mark Templeton (Canada).

Curated by The Dim Coast
Inspired by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski's book, Voice of Hearing
Republished by Squint Press and available here.

Original text by Daniela Cascella
Digital Instrument by Alexandre Burton / artificiel
Digital and Infrastructure Support by Sporobole and 0/1 - Hub numerique Estrie
Design by OTAMI- ᐅᑕᒥ-
Website by Joni Schinkel
Score by weather and seismic conditions

14 sound artists respond to a book with sound, noise, gesture, utterance, music.

A Sound That Never Was is a new digital instrument that generates a score writ from software code modulated by weather data and seismic activity. The score parses the library’s sound files authored by a chorus of artists, played out in arrangements determined by the vibrancy of the world in a particular place at the moment of their selection. The precise arrangements, understood as relationality between the world, the machines of production, transmission, reception, locality, and the artists' original gestures - perform a sound that never was before and never will assemble exactly thus again.