#05 Lanterner

Lanterner - If Songs Had Title

Full length LP and download

Released by ORAL Records and The Dim Coast
Physical and download copies available from Bandcamp here.

Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt: drums, electronics, piano, field recordings
Steve Bates: guitar, electronics

Burkhard Stangl: guitar, electronics on Bourgeois police aux dents
Toshimaru Nakamura : no-input mixing board on If songs had title
Sophie Trudeau: violin, electronics on Eux

Recorded and mixed in Montréal by Steve Bates
Mastered by James Plotkin


LANTERNER - self-titled CD (ORAL Records)

Of the two received releases by Canada's Oral label I left one with Jliat, but I heard about of that Harsh Noise Wall, and together with this, one could say its quite a bit of change for the label, which we have known for electro-acoustic music, microsound and those mighty fine re-issues of Monoton. So Lanterner is different than most of the releases on Oral. Lanterner is a duo of Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (from Montreal, also of Hyena Hive) and Steve Bates, originally from Winnipeg. They met at a BBQ and hit it off after a three hour session of playing music together. I am not sure if this CD stems from that first session, but it starts out in a heavy mood. Guitar and drums bang along, but it turns out that they want to make a heavy first impression, before showing their capacities in more quieter areas of drones, rock, noise and spacey psychedelic ambiance. Here we have seven tracks that sound like Yellow Swans recorded on analogue, cheap equipment, in a basement in New Zealand. Rough on the edges, if you know what I mean. Refinement is not their keyword. Sometimes the drums (Reinhardt) bang out, like a rock group, but on other occasions its more spacious, improvised noise of 'a not so noise kind'. Oral makes a reference to This Heat, which at first I thought was odd, but perhaps it does make sense, come to think of it. Not because of the singing, as there is none here, but in moving from rock to improvisation, from noise to the sheer love of experimentation with sound. This Heat indeed, or perhaps also a bit like Dome. But all of which in a some what more lo-fi manner here and all a tad bit more noise based. Quite a fine discovery. (FdW)
MERCI: Sarah, Jeanne, Adrienne, jake moore, Burkhard Stangl, Toshimaru Nakamura, Sophie Trudeau, Douglas Moffat, Bruno Julian, David Bryant, James Plotkin, Eric Mattson.

Released April 21, 2014

The Dim Coast / #5