#07 Vajagic / Bates

Vajagic / Bates - Early Works

Full - length cassette
Cobalt cassette with three photographic digital prints
Hand-assembled and labelled
Edition of 20 - Sold Out

Download version available at Bandcamp here.

After discovering a mutual affection for a specific effects pedal and of the other’s guitar wrestling, Vajagic and Bates decided to host a studio session. Pleased with the results, another step is taken to make the sonics public. A shared appreciation for texture and atmosphere is the game plan.

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic:
acoustic and electric guitar, effects, bowed objects

Steve Bates:
acoustic and electric guitars, effects

Live improvisations, no overdubs.
Recorded in Montréal, 2015.

Thank you: Simon Fazakerley, jake moore, Douglas Moffat, Timothy Herzog

Images: EAV

Released September 1, 2015

The Dim Coast / #7