#20 Velibor Božović

Velibor Božović - [re.02_S70670]

3 track EP available via Bandcamp.

Track Listing:

1. untitled_01_[re.02_S70670] 07:23
2. untitled_02_[re.02_S70670] 11:53
3. untitled_03_[re.02_S70670] 02:49

Recorded by Velibor Božović at Post Image Lab at Concordia University, Montreal, April, 2024.
Electromagnetic recording device by LOM.
Edit and mix by Steve Bates.

Thanks: Bana Haffar, S70670, Steve Bates and jake moore.

Recorded while obsessing over and preparing for [re.02]

Released May 8, 2024

The Dim Coast / #20