#10 Black Seas Ensemble

Black Seas Ensemble - Atmospheres, Soundtracks and Transmissions

2xLP and download

Physical and download versions available on via Bandcamp here.

Each side of this 2xLP is influenced by historical and contemporary experiences of auditory hallucination.

Produced by: Steve Bates
Recorded by: Timothy Herzog and Steve Bates
Mixed by Timothy Herzog
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market
Recorded at:
Lab Sounds, The Pines, Black Emperor Garage and Auto Body

Additional Recordings:
EMS (Stockholm), Olympia, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dunedin, Hamburg, Vienna.

FIeld Recordings:
Reims, Verdun, Fleury-devant-Douaumont, Cellerdyke, Glasgow, Ndar

Radio Recordings:
Dakar, Montréal, Paris, Stockholm

Thierry Amar; double bass (#1)
Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, electric guitar, voice (#2, 11)
Mathieu Ball; electric guitar (#11)
Steve Bates; computer, electronics, field recordings, transmitter/radio (#1-7, 9-14)
David Bryant; electric guitar (#6)
Drew Barnet, modular synth (#12)
Kevin Doria; modular synth, oscillators, effects (#6, 7)
Rebecca Foon; cello (#6, 13)
Blake Hargreaves; pipe organ (#6, 10)
Timothy Herzog; drums, percussion, bowed cymbals (#6, 9, 11, 12)
Jacob Kirkegaard; computer (#8)
Mark Molnar; cello, effects (#6)
jake moore; voice (#11)
Michael Morley; voice, electric guitar, effects (#12)
Seijiro Murayama; bowed cymbal (#1, 5)
Marc A. Reinhardt; cassettes, electronics (#11)
JR Robinson: voice (#3)
Carsten Stabenow;opto-acoustic feedback, line lasers, surveillance cameras, audio drivers, filters (#1)
Burkhard Stangl; electric guitar (#2)
Sophie Trudeau; violin, effects (#6,13)

The Dim Coast / #10
Released June 3, 2019

Financial assistance provided by the Canada Council for the Arts.