#17 Marc A. Reinhardt

Marc A. Reinhardt - Le monde d’après n’arrive jamais

Edition of 40
12" Lathe cut with art book
Assembled by hand

Physical and digital versions available to purchase via Bandcamp here.

4 editions of 10 different hand-drawn and laser engraved covers with a letter-pressed back cover on BFK 280g paper.
The sleeve is a digital rendering of a monotype on Via Felt 100 lb cover stock.
The booklet is an 8 page risograph printed with an original essay by David Clerson and visuals by Marc A. Reinhardt.
8 1/2 " x 8 1/2 “.

Performed by Simon Brown, Olivier Fairfield, Eugénie Jobin, Catherine Levasseur-Terrien, Marc A. Reinhardt, Frédérique Roy and Le choeur des régressions profondes.

Recorded by Tim Herzog at Breakglass, Olivier Fairfield at E-tron and Marc A. Reinhardt at different locations between Hull, Montréal and Seydisfjordur.

Mixed by Simon Labelle and Marc A. Reinhardt at Studio Daïmôn.

Additional mixing by Frédérique Roy (6)

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

Rentrer dans le sol
Épaule douce
Faux semis
À moitié fraiche
Larmes gratis

Une lenteur s’organise
Le monde d’après (n’arrive jamais)
Mauvais sang
Guenille midi

Le monde d’après n’arrive jamais is an uneasy chorus of earthly fabulations, gulch dirges and strained lullabies. A low-power epic. This is Le monde d’après n’arrive jamais, Marc A. Reinhardt’s first full-length album.

Through poetry, field recordings and vocal improvisations, Reinhardt prompts speculative gestures that sound how to inhabit spaces damaged by colonialism and capitalism. Vibrant matter (fluctuating air pressure, resonant architectures, terrestrial vibrations, electromagnetic frequencies, etc.) and the mutable vocality across human and non human entities become the means of collective sonic agency. This record is the last iteration of a cycle of sound-based experiments exploring non-anthropocentric chorality.

For this particular instalment, Reinhardt’s choral poem courroux courroux (2022) is used as a textual score to compose new pieces with multiple musicians, poets and singers (skilled and un-skilled). What emerges from the process is a weird vernacular, a series of ritournelles performed somewhere between left-field folk, post-industrial drone, noise ballads and hyperpop refrains.

Recordings were made in ditches (natural and human-made), marshlands and abandoned industrial facilities.

Marc A. Reinhardt is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher working at the intersection between sound, performance and installation. His practice develops conceptual strategies that investigate historical, political and cultural phenomena. He is interested in how we inhabit the contradictions, in language and beyond, that emerge from these investigations.

He is also part of the collective ACTION INDIRECTE and continues to collaborate in multiple music projects such as Lanterner (with Steve Bates), Hyena Hive (with Bruno Julian) and Black Seas Ensemble. He works and lives between Gatineau and Montreal.


Written and produced by
Marc A. Reinhardt

Composed by
Olivier Fairfield (3,5,11)
Frédérique Roy (6,7)
Marc A. Reinhardt (1,2,4,8,10)

Additional composition by
Simon Brown (9)
Eugénie Jobin (2,4)
Frédérique Roy (2,4)

Arrangements by
Olivier Fairfield (1,2)
Marc-A. Reinhardt (7,9)

Release date: April 26, 2023.

The Dim Coast / #17