#19 Fifths

Fifths - Long Gone

Download available via Bandcamp.

1. Unable 03:26
2. The good and bad witch 02:27
3. A sour taste like when you hear 04:42
4. Getting ready to leave 00:47
5. Never arriving 05:39
6. The beginning and the ending 04:18
7. Speculative markets 06:36
8. Your ship's bounty is plagued and you will rot in Hell 01:34
9. Long gone 06:50
10.Echo and 01:43

Elizabeth Anka Vajagic:
acoustic and electric guitar, voice, piano, vibraphone, bowed objects, effects

Steve Bates:
acoustic and electric guitar, piano, vibraphone, radio, effects

Improvised and recorded live at The Pines - Montreal (RiP).
Recorded and mixed by SB, February, 2016.

Mixed mostly at Beautiful Hunting and a little at Reflected Light by SB.

Photogragh: EAV

Thank you/merci: Michaela Grill, Bodie, jake moore, Simon Fazakerley, Pepper x, Timothy Herzog, David Bryant.

Released November 3, 2023.

The Dim Coast / #19